About SeaIntel


SeaIntel Maritime Analysis is a leading market intelligence provider in the container shipping industry. Our focus is on developing original information and analysis for all container market stakeholders, as well as for individual clients.

Information only adds value if it is being actively used. This is why our standard reports and our tailor-made consultancy services are always directly useable by the receiver.

Our core belief is that anything can be analyzed - and analyzed well. Information always exists. However the solution to a particularly difficult problem often rests in the ability to think out of the box and develop new analytical viewpoints. Doing this is our key strength.

We provide these services in a range of situations :

  • We provide market intelligence information, either in standardized online formats or tailored to our customers' specific needs

  • Standard analysis reports to provide solid background knowledge on current market issues

  • Tailor-made tactical analysis which is directly useable by front-line sales staff

  • Tailor-made strategic analysis and forecasting directly useable by senior management as well as boards of directors

  • Custom-build market intelligence database structures to match our clients' individual needs

  • Advise on the development of efficient market intelligence departments, as well as provide consultancy services in establishing and training such departments

  • Process mapping, analysis and optimization

  • We can provide partly or fully outsourced solutions for your market intelligence needs