Mystery Shopper


In the current tough market conditions, the key to success is whether your organization can bring in new customers, and not simply maintain existing business. Often the key to a sale is to be quick in providing a quote – not necessarily to be able to provide the lowest quote.

Do you know which experience new prospective customers get when they contact you?

Are you sure, that the experience is what you intend it to be? If not, then we would like to give you the real picture from a new customer point of view.

SeaIntel Maritime Analysis has previously made several tests within the shipping industry, where we approached carriers and forwarders as a new customer who would like a quote for a simple port-port shipment between major ports. The number of answers we got was illuminating with 25-33% of large carriers and forwarders providing quotes – but 90% of smaller forwarders responding.

The “Mystery Shopper” program is performed anonymously.

Test of 5 locations including evaluation report is EUR 699 and 20 locations including evaluation report is EUR 2499

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