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Top-20 Container Carrier Financial Reports and Statements

  • We actively monitor the public announcements from all the major Container Carriers and we collect and archive all Financial Reports and Statements which are made public, and provide them as either direct download from our site or as a link to the original source.

    SeaIntel is the only completely free source for Container Carrier financial data, and we will maintain and share copies of the Financial Reports and Statements, even after they are no longer available at the original source. Please note that several of the major Carriers are Private or State-owned companies do not provide public financial statements.

Top-20 Container Carrier Environmental/Sustainability/CSR Reports

  • As with Container Carrier Financial reports, we also collect and maintain an archive of all published Carrier Environmental, Sustainability or CSR Reports, and provide them free of charge, as either direct download from our archives or as a link to the original source.

SeaIntel Monthly Newsletter

The SeaIntel Monthly Newsletter is completely free and contains:

Free Analysis from SeaIntel

  • Opportunities related to improved berth planning: White Paper quantifying the financial opportunities for Container Carriers arising from improved berth planning, conducted as a joint research study between SeaIntel Maritime Analysis, the Global Institute of Logistics, and Cirrus Logistics.

  • SeaIntel Sunday Spotlight Issue 100: With more than 300 individual articles and weekly citations in the industry press, the SeaIntel Sunday Spotlight has become the leading weekly analytical newsletter for the Container Shipping Industry. Every week we publish three analytical articles, providing market insights and an analytical framework for understanding the topical and long-term developments in the Container Shipping industry.

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